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Quality grass-fed beef from the pristine Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia

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no hormones, no antibiotics, no growth promoters
no hormones, no antibiotics, no growth promoters

Here at Winbar II Lowline-Angus we take pride in rearing healthy, happy Lowline-Angus beef cattle. We also feel privileged to be doing it in such a beautiful part of the world – South Australia’s spectacular Fleurieu Peninsula.

But while we enjoy the Fleurieu for its views, its lifestyle and its famous beaches, our cattle love it for the grass that grows in abundance here. And it’s this grass that makes our beef the best around.

Grass-fed beef is leaner and contains more vitamins, minerals and ‘good’ fats than grain-fed beef. Plus this more natural diet means our cattle don’t need to be fed hormones, antibiotics or growth promoters – nasties which can make their way into the meat.

And of course, our grass-fed cattle spend their lives roaming the rolling green pastures of our Winbar II Lowline-Angus farm, rather than being stuck in a feedlot. This makes for a longer, happier and more comfortable life for our animals.

about us

Penny and I moved to the Fleurieu Peninsula a few years ago and began our journey as beef producers.

The Fleurieu is a recognised Food and Wine region, with many wineries and restaurants close by, it is a beautiful place to have a farm.

Our farm is located near Yankalilla, in the heart of the Fleurieu Peninsula; we are on the top of green, rolling hills and have views down the valley to Yankalilla, and across the gulf to Yorke Peninsula.

In essence we are grass farmers. We are working hard to improve our soil and grow the best pasture we can. We have an annual rainfall of approximately 750 mm a year and cut and bale our meadow hay to feed our cattle in the dry times. We rotationally graze our paddocks to protect our pasture and keep our cattle happy.

We often attended Land Management courses, field days, workshops and seminars to improve our farming practices. We also engage the services of Agronomists and Farm Management advisors to help us on our journey.

Our goal is to be sustainable and responsible beef producers.


In the late 1920s, the Dept. of Agriculture NSW imported top-class, show-team, Aberdeen Angus cattle from Canada for their Trangie Agricultural Experimental Farm. The herd was expanded further in the 1930s, 40s and 50s with Aberdeen Angus blood lines from as far away as Scotland.

In 1974, an Angus herd at Trangie Research Centre, NSW was divided into 3 closed selection lines. One line was randomly chosen to form a control line (C), the others being allocated either to a high (H) or low line (L) based on their individual growth from birth to yearling age. Bulls and replacement heifers were selected within each line solely on their growth rate. The low line herd has remained completely closed since; it is a line of pure breed Aberdeen Angus that is now a recognised cattle breed in itself that we call ‘Lowline-Angus’.

Lowline-Angus are a heritage cattle breed, unique to Australia; they are docile, very fertile and easy calving, medium framed and easy to farm.

We purchased a small commercial herd of Lowline-Angus a few years ago from a dispersal sale and had doubled our herd size in approximately 2 years.

With being a medium framed animal; we produce smaller portions of individual cuts, our beef is lean, healthy and high quality, and with less bone, we have a higher meat to bone ratio than some other breeds.


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